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I made a lets play! Woohooo!

2014-08-28 17:15:23 by GrannySmith

My first lets play! Did you know that sonic is actually a man in a suit. He's like a super hero. In real life he has a desk job but he's mentally ill and in his spare time he runs around the park in his blue pyjamas pretending it's a jolly cartoon world and jumping on people's heads while smoking marijuana. Does anyone actually read these descriptions?

Anyway. Here is my first lets play of a game. I love lets plays because they're so damned easy to make. All you have to do is use thousands of hours of other people's hard work and just talk over the top of it. AND YOU GET PAID! and then you can say that the reason the video is entertaining is because of you and not the actual game that you are playing.

Parodies are pretty parasitic as well but at least some effort goes into making them. 

ANYWAY! New cartoons every other friday! Woohoo!!! And they will be proper cartoons with a proper original story and everything. THE END.

Oh yeah. Also Subscribe if you wanna. And do all the other stuff that you're supposed to do. Like me on facebook:

And I make music too:

And that is all...I think. 



Maybe a new cartoon every day. That would be cool. A quick and stupid one. I made one cartoon in 2 days before. Hmmm. This one took about a day.


A New toon every day. Plan! 

From now on there will be a new cartoonimation every day! Maybe. If I can be bothered.


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2014-08-28 17:58:00

it's ok. could of been more entertaining, maybe a "trick" gameplay video (since it's already an avi type file), and hell of a lot shorter.

GrannySmith responds:

Yeah. It's ok. I rushed it fo sho. Just trying to finish all my crap old half finished cartoons.